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oh yeah if anyone here has an artfol account lmk ^q^

okay i keep forgetting to log in here but i did finish chapter 1 of my webcomic, and i think im gonna start uploading it to tapas soon.....i hope you guys are doing well :)

wehhh im getting all cold feet with my comic and thinking i want to start over UoU i hate that im such a weenie!!

sorry ive been so quiet lately >:0 ive decided to go down to part time on my job and try to commit to making a comic!

cheese-wii asked:

Aahhh your art is so good, this isn't an ask i just wanted to tell you my complete adoration of your frickin art

hhhh sorry this sat in my inbox for so long but-!

blows you a kiss! thank you so much!!

its been a lil hard to make art lately so seeing this really cheered me up (/ u )/

huddson asked:

your art style is amazing and i need to know EVERYTHING about Vinny right this moment

alfsldk thank you so much for liking my boy!! Sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for a few days..

Vinny is an OC of mine! He originally started out as a Cyndaquil gijinka then slowly turned into a lot of other things! I use him in a lot of universes but lately I've been focusing more on an original story with him being a member of a crime syndicate!

Hes cheeky and stubborn, with extreme devil may care energy! But once you've won his loyalty, hes extremely devoted. In his personal time he loves investing in his waredrobe and eating spicy food. He's 5'' 6' and ready to fight!

trying to force out some creative juices but my brain is so dehydrated these days!! >: (

sorry i haven't been around a lot, if i stop playing animal crossing i'll die.

can u believe the length of your forearm is the same length as your foot what the heck

Challenge. Let's make OCs to be friends together.

An Anonymous user asked:

((in relation to: https://kunaipaint.waterfall.social/post/303452))

did you come up with this idea yourself :0 it seems like it could be a really cool art meme! (and if you didn't where did you find it? id love to try it myself uwu)

They are actually something I'm just doing for funsies! I wanted to try to emulate the type of folks that take screenshots of comics/manga like so

I just find how small and solid they are as stand alone images very charming. Theres no actual references or rhyme or reason, I just do what fits my characters.

And if you are inspired by it, by all means give it a go! I'm just doodling on a 200x200 canvas!

Could you tell me a short story?

Lion Dance for the new year!! :)

Happy Lunar New Year everyone :)

rambling a bit here but- im looking at my art in grayscale after its totally done rather than as i was working on it (which would of def been more beneficial lo)l. Seeing the values so clearly like this is so eye opening +____+ i wanted to focus a lot on contrast with this piece and i see i could of def pushed it more and cleaned up a few places. to the colored versions credit though, i think the green/blue highlights where i want the eyes to go against the red. art is...fun!!

just a reminder im also on Twitter, tumblr and dA if you guys like those sites too!

and my art tag on here is paint it red!

Sometimes ya just gotta get giant stickers of your OC to decorate your house with

anyways its my girlfriends birthday tomorrow so you better wish @hinadraws well :)

i feel like i might want to make a side blog for posting silly comic attempts rather than committing to a story right away or clogging up this account with them. i used to make comics all the time as a teen and met a lot of folks through it!! it was a good time!! somewhere along the way though, i think as my artistic eye and mind got more critical of myself i really shyed away from it. I gotta retrain myself to appreciate an overall package rather than nitpicking myself!

Felt cute today

your girl moved to portland and my brain has gone to mush but ill do my best...

still havent drawn a thing in forever but hopefully soon

screaming with your friends about pokemon is the only true way to live

I haven't been drawing much lately cause I've been playing breath of the wild nonstop since I bought a switch lite *___*

Hey folks! i always worry i don't communicate on here a whole lot but i just wanted ya to know i always read your tags and appreciate the kind words if i see em ^ q ^ if you ever want to chat or send me any asks related to art or whatever, hit me up! I'm always so thankful to be in fun little communities and to get to share my OCs with folks and see theirs. So yeah! keep being rad