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revisited one of vinnys old designs for funsies!

does any spooky scary skellington catch your eye? ;0

which costume do u like the most? >:0c

expanding on that deity vessel au i was drawing with anthony before by throwing vinny into the mix!

hes the disgraced vessel of a god eating dragon thats slowly losing all this dragon attributes as his godly powers leave him, so before that happens, he wants to prove himself by seeking out other gods/vessels to eat. thinks anthony is an easy target, being a vessel without a god and sets his sights on him!

heres a fusion of my OCs kelly and vinny

i always think about shaving my ocs heads...i think the buzzed look is so charming

Sometimes ya just gotta get giant stickers of your OC to decorate your house with

heyo, i cannot sleep.

So, heres an AU about Anthony being offered to this forest god as a kiddo and having his eye pulled out as an act of devotion + to become a more accessible vessel + get some powers. but the god dies out of nowhere, bringing bad luck and his town blames/resents him. The missing eye, which was once an indicator of powerful devotion just becomes more of a cursed reminder.

His abilities fade as the god passes, except for occasionally being able to make out what plants are saying. Unfortunately, they are terrible gossips.