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revisited one of vinnys old designs for funsies!

huddson asked:

your art style is amazing and i need to know EVERYTHING about Vinny right this moment

alfsldk thank you so much for liking my boy!! Sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for a few days..

Vinny is an OC of mine! He originally started out as a Cyndaquil gijinka then slowly turned into a lot of other things! I use him in a lot of universes but lately I've been focusing more on an original story with him being a member of a crime syndicate!

Hes cheeky and stubborn, with extreme devil may care energy! But once you've won his loyalty, hes extremely devoted. In his personal time he loves investing in his waredrobe and eating spicy food. He's 5'' 6' and ready to fight!

expanding on that deity vessel au i was drawing with anthony before by throwing vinny into the mix!

hes the disgraced vessel of a god eating dragon thats slowly losing all this dragon attributes as his godly powers leave him, so before that happens, he wants to prove himself by seeking out other gods/vessels to eat. thinks anthony is an easy target, being a vessel without a god and sets his sights on him!

i always think about shaving my ocs heads...i think the buzzed look is so charming

Finally got around to doodling!! Heres my boy Vinny as a scorbunny gijinka. the toasted marshmello vibes are strong..

More for that outfit august challenge! Unfortunately i had to drop it cause i went on vacation lol

but the prompts for these days were swimwear and streetwear!

Doing a monthly Outfit challenge. Heres days 1-3 (base, casual and formal)

ayy im allowed to post my piece now.

My OCs for an OC summer zine i was in :)

since @hinadraws posted her girl in swl au I figured I'd do the same for my boy vinny! (its about a year or 2 old now?)

If youre into online games with cryptids, magic and conspiracy (and thats just scratching the surface), Secret World Legends might be the game for you!