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a test video i did to see how well my recording software would work!

sometimes you change up your style, just for funsies

revisited one of vinnys old designs for funsies!

OC spring art trade thing i did on twitter! I got Crow, who belongs to thatgeekyartis1

does any spooky scary skellington catch your eye? ;0

which costume do u like the most? >:0c

#5minuteartist the hip new meme going around twitter!

expanding on that deity vessel au i was drawing with anthony before by throwing vinny into the mix!

hes the disgraced vessel of a god eating dragon thats slowly losing all this dragon attributes as his godly powers leave him, so before that happens, he wants to prove himself by seeking out other gods/vessels to eat. thinks anthony is an easy target, being a vessel without a god and sets his sights on him!

Sailor Mars!

Something i doodled while experimenting with styles haha

You and I will always be best friends

Something I drew while watching the finale with buds when it originally aired Y___Y

Heres some old art since i've seen ppl on here talking about fan art lol

A drawing of Orochimaru I did for a fashion Zine i believe 2 years ago? My first zine, very cool to see your stuff printed out.

Fanart of A from Tomorrow Will Be Dying :)

Y'all should really check it out, its got a playable demo and a kickstarter (5 days left on it)!