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I'm a 20+ year old artist and love my OCs more than anything!!

★ About Red ★

just a reminder im also on Twitter, tumblr and dA if you guys like those sites too!

and my art tag on here is paint it red!

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Cute ship meme I did with @/kunaipaint feat. our boys!!

can u believe the length of your forearm is the same length as your foot what the heck

Sailor Mars!

Something i doodled while experimenting with styles haha

You and I will always be best friends

Something I drew while watching the finale with buds when it originally aired Y___Y

Heres some old art since i've seen ppl on here talking about fan art lol

A drawing of Orochimaru I did for a fashion Zine i believe 2 years ago? My first zine, very cool to see your stuff printed out.

Fanart of A from Tomorrow Will Be Dying :)

Y'all should really check it out, its got a playable demo and a kickstarter (5 days left on it)!

i always think about shaving my ocs heads...i think the buzzed look is so charming

Challenge. Let's make OCs to be friends together.

An Anonymous user asked:

((in relation to: https://kunaipaint.waterfall.social/post/303452))

did you come up with this idea yourself :0 it seems like it could be a really cool art meme! (and if you didn't where did you find it? id love to try it myself uwu)

They are actually something I'm just doing for funsies! I wanted to try to emulate the type of folks that take screenshots of comics/manga like so

I just find how small and solid they are as stand alone images very charming. Theres no actual references or rhyme or reason, I just do what fits my characters.

And if you are inspired by it, by all means give it a go! I'm just doodling on a 200x200 canvas!

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i want to make a whole lil series like this of my OCs that look like comic panel screenshots

Could you tell me a short story?

gave this meme a try! #toonme looked so fun but it was surprisingly challenging!

Lion Dance for the new year!! :)

Happy Lunar New Year everyone :)

rambling a bit here but- im looking at my art in grayscale after its totally done rather than as i was working on it (which would of def been more beneficial lo)l. Seeing the values so clearly like this is so eye opening +____+ i wanted to focus a lot on contrast with this piece and i see i could of def pushed it more and cleaned up a few places. to the colored versions credit though, i think the green/blue highlights where i want the eyes to go against the red. art is...fun!!

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My gymsona ✨ I had this like, 90% done for forever and decided to just finish it lol

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Look how cute my girlfriend is!!