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Call me Red
I'm a 20+ year old artist and love my OCs more than anything!!

★ About Red ★

just a reminder im also on Twitter, tumblr and dA if you guys like those sites too!

and my art tag on here is paint it red!

okay i keep forgetting to log in here but i did finish chapter 1 of my webcomic, and i think im gonna start uploading it to tapas soon.....i hope you guys are doing well :)

wehhh im getting all cold feet with my comic and thinking i want to start over UoU i hate that im such a weenie!!

a test video i did to see how well my recording software would work!

sometimes you change up your style, just for funsies

sorry ive been so quiet lately >:0 ive decided to go down to part time on my job and try to commit to making a comic!

waterfall -

i saw a post saying a lot of waterfalls userbase is european, so if youre from north america, repour and say hi!

revisited one of vinnys old designs for funsies!

cheese-wii asked:

Aahhh your art is so good, this isn't an ask i just wanted to tell you my complete adoration of your frickin art

hhhh sorry this sat in my inbox for so long but-!

blows you a kiss! thank you so much!!

its been a lil hard to make art lately so seeing this really cheered me up (/ u )/

huddson asked:

your art style is amazing and i need to know EVERYTHING about Vinny right this moment

alfsldk thank you so much for liking my boy!! Sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for a few days..

Vinny is an OC of mine! He originally started out as a Cyndaquil gijinka then slowly turned into a lot of other things! I use him in a lot of universes but lately I've been focusing more on an original story with him being a member of a crime syndicate!

Hes cheeky and stubborn, with extreme devil may care energy! But once you've won his loyalty, hes extremely devoted. In his personal time he loves investing in his waredrobe and eating spicy food. He's 5'' 6' and ready to fight!

OC spring art trade thing i did on twitter! I got Crow, who belongs to thatgeekyartis1

trying to force out some creative juices but my brain is so dehydrated these days!! >: (

does any spooky scary skellington catch your eye? ;0

which costume do u like the most? >:0c

#5minuteartist the hip new meme going around twitter!

expanding on that deity vessel au i was drawing with anthony before by throwing vinny into the mix!

hes the disgraced vessel of a god eating dragon thats slowly losing all this dragon attributes as his godly powers leave him, so before that happens, he wants to prove himself by seeking out other gods/vessels to eat. thinks anthony is an easy target, being a vessel without a god and sets his sights on him!

heres a fusion of my OCs kelly and vinny

sorry i haven't been around a lot, if i stop playing animal crossing i'll die.

Art trade i did with my friend of his character San (they/them)