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just a reminder im also on Twitter, tumblr and dA if you guys like those sites too!

and my art tag on here is paint it red!

just a reminder im also on Twitter, tumblr and dA if you guys like those sites too!

and my art tag on here is paint it red!

Sometimes ya just gotta get giant stickers of your OC to decorate your house with

heyo, i cannot sleep.

So, heres an AU about Anthony being offered to this forest god as a kiddo and having his eye pulled out as an act of devotion + to become a more accessible vessel + get some powers. but the god dies out of nowhere, bringing bad luck and his town blames/resents him. The missing eye, which was once an indicator of powerful devotion just becomes more of a cursed reminder.

His abilities fade as the god passes, except for occasionally being able to make out what plants are saying. Unfortunately, they are terrible gossips.

Finally got around to doodling!! Heres my boy Vinny as a scorbunny gijinka. the toasted marshmello vibes are strong..

gloatbee asked:

☕️ vampires

I appreciate vampires. Theyre a staple in monster classics with all the good tropes of hot, mysterious, flamboyant creatures of the night! In the grand scheme of my monster fucker ranking list, they do lack a bit of the more monstery side to them though.

An Anonymous user asked:

☕️ How would you infiltrate the batcave?


Send me a ☕️ and a topic and I’ll talk about how I feel about it

wittywallflower -

anyways its my girlfriends birthday tomorrow so you better wish @hinadraws well :)

i feel like i might want to make a side blog for posting silly comic attempts rather than committing to a story right away or clogging up this account with them. i used to make comics all the time as a teen and met a lot of folks through it!! it was a good time!! somewhere along the way though, i think as my artistic eye and mind got more critical of myself i really shyed away from it. I gotta retrain myself to appreciate an overall package rather than nitpicking myself!

Felt cute today

Worked on this off and on for about a month while i was preparing to move/moving so here it is! I asked my mutuals on twitter give me their OCs cause i love OCs so much Y__Y

your girl moved to portland and my brain has gone to mush but ill do my best...

still havent drawn a thing in forever but hopefully soon

screaming with your friends about pokemon is the only true way to live

I haven't been drawing much lately cause I've been playing breath of the wild nonstop since I bought a switch lite *___*

I was staring up at my popcorn ceiling and saw this in the texture so i had to get up to draw it lol